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A financial Startups often focus on rapid growth and development, and they tend to operate in fast-growing industries, such as technology, internet, health, or energy. Startup limitations include the number of employees being less than people, profits being relatively minimal, and not having a large office like a company. In terms of age, what can be calle a startup must be a business that is under years old Startups are an important part of a dynamic economy, and play a vital role in changing the way we live and work through their innovation.

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However, keep in mind that not all startups are successful, and their journey is often full of challenges and risks. The development of Indonesian startups can be said to be happening quite rapidly. This is proven by the emergence of several names of startup Iraq WhatsApp Number Data companies that have high valuation values ​​and have receive the title of unicorn . Also read: Understanding service businesses and profitable business ideas Several Large Indonesian Startups Several Large Indonesian Startups startup illustration. source envato . Gojek Gojek is the first Indonesian startup to achieve the unicorn title.

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Unicorn is a title intende for new startups that are able to have a market valuation above billion US dollars. Gojek is a startup from Indonesia which was founde by Nadiem Makarim, under PT Solusi Karya Anak Bangsa. Founde in as an online motorcycle Italy Phone Number List taxi service. Gojek has develope into a super app that provides a variety of services. Including transportation (GoRide, GoCar), food delivery (GoFood), financial services (GoPay), and more. Gojek has carrie out global expansion and partnere with companies such as Tokopeia to form the Go. To Group in , which is one of the largest mergers in the technology world.

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