Another Very Useful Tool Is Keyword Research

One of the best examples of data analysis is the use of product research in markets. This will allow you to find out which items are currently popular without spending a lot of time doing research.

The Split Dragon market research tool for Shopee shows you the top products in each category. And it only takes one click.

With a few types and clicks, you’ll have the keywords with the highest search volume. Plus, you can easily optimize your listings. This will give you confidence that your product will appear in the top search results.

Improved data security

2021 is the year for data breaches. The top 3 cybersecurity breaches occurred at the biggest tech companies including:s
Adding to the list is the latest iOS15 hack whatsapp mobile number list which happened in a competition in China and the hack happened in just 15 seconds.

These breaches have impacted the manufacturing sector, healthcare sector, financial services, and even government and professional services

This year will be no different and the cyber threat landscape will continue to evolve and evolve.

In turn, we will also see the rise of cybersecurity solutions in the eCommerce arena. We can expect serious coordination between government and private agencies. It is in their best interest to crack down on organized cyber crime activity.

The pandemic may have increased

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he frequency of use and spending on digital services. But we can also attribute the growth to fast internet penetration in the SEA region .

That said, several challenges still need to be overcome. This includes infrastructure, logistics and a skilled workforce.

The role of the government will be very important to answer this challenge. The best example is eCommerce which is thriving in rural areas of China

The Chinese government paved the way Marketing List for eCommerce to reach rural areas with its policies. It also develops programs for workers and provides digital and physical infrastructure.

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