What is a content topic cluster and how does it help to position in SEO

Having an orderly web page and a good organization of all the content it hosts is very important, since google takes it very much into account when it comes to seo positioning . Because? Because a well-organized website will make it easier for the algorithm to track and analyze all the content it hosts. And it is precisely in this, in the architecture of your website, that a topic cluster can help you. But before knowing what a content topic cluster is, it is important that you know what a pillar page or pillar page is , since they will be the basis on which the topic cluster is based. Pillar pages are content pages that talk about a generic topic or a general keyword. Around it you can create clusters, that is, other articles that deal with subtopics of that general keyword.

Topic-cluster let’s give an example

Imagine that you have a website Bosnia and Herzegovina Whatsapp Number List about digital marketing and you want to position for the keyword “Content marketing”. First, you will need to write a pillar page on “Content marketing” and you will need to divide the content into sections or h2s. For each of these h2 you should write related articles: “Content marketing in inbound marketing”, “Content marketing vs. Branded content”, “Content marketing: 10 examples” or “How to make a content strategy step by step”. Passed”. This will create a cluster of content related to content marketing.  that all the articles that are part of the topic cluster appear linked in their respective pillar page and also that this page is linked in the topic cluster.

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How to make a topic cluster step by step

Now that you know what topic Marketing List clusters are and how important. They are for the seo positioning of your page, we are going to teach you how to create them in three easy steps. First create your pillar pages : as we have already told you, this is the generic content around which your clusters will revolve.

Each of the pillar pages should contain all the topics that you will later deal with in more depth in the topic clusters. In this way, in your article on “Traveling in africa” ​​you should talk briefly about morocco, tanzania, south africa, etc. It is in the clusters where you will have to extend in each one of them.

Next, create your topic cluster : once you have the main page, it’s time to develop the subtopics on individual pages, in which you can expand much more and treat each topic in depth. Of course, as your page grows, it will be necessary to expand your pillar pages, including new clusters that arise.

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