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Awareness of This article will review in depth the concept of Net National Income , its methods, and its significance in the context of the Indonesian economy. Table of Contents Hide Understanding Net National Income Net National Income Calculation Method Significance of Net National Income Closing Understanding Net National Income Understanding Net National Income illustration of net national income. source envato Base on the Wikipeia page , Net National Income (NNI) is an economic indicator use to measure the total income receive by citizens of a country in a certain period.

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NNI measures the value of income available to the residents of a country after taking into account depreciation or decline in the value of capital use in economic production. In another sense, Net National Income reflects the net income actually available Mexico WhatsApp Number Data to the population of the country after deucting all deuctions relate to wear and tear and depreciation of capital. NNI is an important indicator in economic analysis because it provides a more accurate picture of the actual prosperity enjoye by the population of a country.

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In calculating NNI, several main components include income from production factors such as wages, interest, rent and net profit, as well as subtracting depreciation or depreciation of capital such as equipment and buildings. NNI is use as Mexico Phone Number List a tool to measure a country’s economic growth, identify income distribution, and understand the economic well-being of a country’s citizens. This will also help the government plan more effective and sustainable economic policies. Thus, NNI is an important component in macroeconomic analysis and economic planning of a country.

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