Battle Competitors have already been chosen

Fans vs Haters, Who will win the Wix 2019 SEO battle ? Get to know the chosen competitors who will fight for the best position on Google and see what they are doing to get the best position for the keyword “ Wix SEO ”. I saw this update on the Internet and it seemed like a good time to republish something on the blog (even though we are on vacation). Battle Competitors since a little over two months ago I told you about the Wix contest – the Wix SEO Battle 2019 where He explained to you what this contest was about and what you could achieve by participating in the battle.

And now that they

Have decided who are going to be the competitors in this tough battle. I thought you might be interested in company data knowing and being updated about this contest. But if you haven’t seen the post I mentioned before, here. I will quickly explain what this SEO Battle is: It’s a World Battle in which Wix SEO will be put to the test. The battle will pit two teams of digital marketing experts, one representing the ‘ Fans ‘ of Wix SEO, and the other representing the ‘ Haters ‘ of Wix SEO tools. For six months, they will fight to position themselves higher than the other in the search for the keyword ‘ Wix SEO ‘

The team Battle Competitors

Best on Google for that query will win more than 22 thousand euros. And the losing team will receive ten thousand dollars . The battle began on July 16, and will end on December 19, 2019 at 12:00 pm. Why this Wix SEO contest? One of the reasons Wix pulled. Off this battle was because it has launched a sophisticated new set of advanced. SEO tools Marketing List and solutions to attract a professional user base. To increase user confidence in these new tools and. To communicate directly with the global community of SEO experts, the brand decided to share all the details of the SEO Battle.

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