Before Selecting an Influencer to Partner With

There’s no denying that their engagement and conversion rates are often higher. Advertisers will focus more on engagement rates than follower counts before partnering with an influencer. In a sense this is an evolution of previous influencer marketing trends. Mid-level influencers are historically small fish in the pond and they can attract sponsorship partnerships as I described above. Yet marketers are increasingly realizing that even when it comes to influencer impressions, quality can sometimes trump quantity. Another factor is accessibility for influencers with fewer subscribers. Super influencers and celebrities are often expensive just like we pay more for premium ad space or higher CPMs to advertise on more desirable keywords. So our conversion rate is lower.

Where to start

Celebrities will instead generate ROI through response volume. On the other hand, a micro-influencer with a large fan base can persuade a larger phone number list percentage of the audience to make a purchase. As social media continues to evolve, the reach of micro- and Nano-scale influencers is growing rapidly. These people have a smaller following than traditional influencers but they have a highly engaged audience who trust their opinions and recommendations.

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Brands are starting to notice the impact these micro- and nano-scale influencers have on their target markets. Many brands are shifting their focus to Marketing List partnering with them instead of working with big-name influencers. One of the main advantages of working with micro- and nano-scale influencers is that they are often more targeted and create a deeper connection with their audience. This allows them to reach target markets more effectively and drive real engagement. Furthermore, due to their smaller following their posts are less likely to get lost in the sea of ​​social media content thus providing a more personal and intimate experience for their audience.

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