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In the beginning, clothing was made from animal skins tie together using ropes and webbing. Thread stitching probably appeare after the discovery of threads made from plant fibers or animal hair. Ancient Times Suture techniques develope rapidly in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome. More complex and varie clothing began to be create. Stitches become neater and more structure. Meieval During the Middle Ages, sewing became a highly respecte and important occupation. Clothing designers began to emerge, and clothing became more complex using many pieces of fabric and details.

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Minor developments in manual sewing machines also occurre during this period. Industrial Revolution The most revolutionary change in the history of the sewing business was the emergence of the sewing machine during the Industrial Revolution in the Cyprus WhatsApp Number List and th centuries. The first mechanical sewing machine create by Elias Howe and Isaac Singer drastically change the way clothing was produce. This allows for faster and more efficient clothing production. Development of the Fashion Industry In the th century, the modern fashion industry began to develop.

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Fashion designers like Coco Chanel and Christian Dior brought a revolution in the world of fashion. The sewing business is an important part of the Russia Phone Number List production of haute couture clothing (luxurious and expensive clothing). Digital era In the last few decades, digital technology has entere the world of sewing business. Clothing designs can now be create with computer design software, and sophisticate computer sewing machines enable highly precise production.

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