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Bank indonesia This company was founde in by Ferry Unardi, Derianto Kusuma, and Albert Zhang. The Unicorn title was obtaine after this company receive funding from Expeia in July . Traveloka offers a variety of travel services in one easy-to-use platform . They also frequently offer discounts and promos, which makes them a popular choice for travelers and users looking for the best prices. The services currently provide by Traveloka are not only hotel and plane bookings, but also train bookings, movie tickets and tickets for various other attractive arenas.

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Funds Dana is a fintech startup specializing in digital payments and e-wallets. Founde in by Vincent Iswara and Leonard Theosabrata. Grown rapidly by providing convenient online payment services to the public. Dana has also entere into various strategic partnerships to expand its reach. Dana has become one of the most popular digital Italy WhatsApp Number Data wallets in Indonesia with a variety of complete payment features. The main advantages are the ease of use and the various promotions that are often offere, making it easily accepte by the Indonesian people.

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Dana continues to expand its services by adding new payment options and business partners. Dana competes in the fast-growing fintech industry in Indonesia. Also read: Startup: Definition and Development in Indonesia Conclusion Many Italy Phone Number List Indonesian startups are experiencing very rapid progress. Some of those who were able to achieve the Unicorn title are Gojek, Tokopeia, Bukalapak, Traveloka and Dana. In fact, currently Gojek has achieve the Decacorn title. What all these startups have in common is that they have good bookkeeping which makes business planning optimal.

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