The Professional Dashboard in your company account

The Instagram professional dashboard is a kind of professional control panel. That allows you to monitor the performance of this social network for the brand. It also allows you to access and discover functionalities and tools for professionals. In other words, it is a very useful space for content creators and brands to know. How effective their actions are on Instagram and their performance. Which allows them to improve and get the most out of them. All this allows monetizing accounts and resources in a much more efficient way.

This is the information offered by the Instagram professional dashboard: performance stats – you can get Instagram metrics, data, and trends from account performance. business development: you can access different tools that allow account management in a much more efficient way and its monetization, among other things.

The Professional Dashboard in your company account

training material: through this panel Chinese Student Phone Number List you can also access tips, tricks and valuable information to optimize the account. it is, in general, a tool that aims to help content creators and brands to get the most out of Instagram. professional-dashboard-instagram-1source: how to access the professional dashboard in your company account to be able to access the professional dashboard it is necessary that the account is professional . for that it is necessary to open the Instagram account and click on the three lines in the upper right part. then you must click on settings > account > switch to professional account > continue .

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The Instagram Professional Dashboard

The type of professional account and Marketing List click on done and then ok. Then you have to select if the account belongs to a content creator or a company and click next. And, finally, it is necessary to choose whether or not the account should be protected against unwanted interactions by clicking on save settings or not now. when the account is professional, it will be possible to access the professional control panel. in the same profile, in fact, the professional dashboard option should already appear, just below the description. clicking on the professional panel will display the insights of the account , with general information on reach, engagement and followers; your tools, with access to advertising tools, brand content and stores; and tips and resources.

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