Customer Case How did African logistics company Pargo change the

Pargo is a logistics company in Africa. It was founded in 2015. It initially had 500 express delivery points in 2016, and now has more than 2,500 express delivery points. 37% of online stores in Africa choose to use Pargo. (Data source: Pargo official website) Pargo’s corporate vision is to solve the last-mile express delivery problem through an intelligent technology logistics platform, allowing African people to enjoy convenient express delivery services and connect with the world. To learn more about international cloud communication strategies and the advantages, disadvantages and best practices of different cloud communication channels.

African logistics pain points

According to Pargo statistics, in sub-Saharan Africa, 75% of the population lives and works in areas with scarce goods and low service levels, especially rural areas Overseas Chinese Data formal residential areas and large office areas, where people do not even have a clear and fixed delivery address. , which means that express delivery is a luxury for many locals; in these areas, express delivery services are almost impossible. In addition, the recipient also needs to balance work and family, and may not be able to ensure that there is someone at home to receive the package, and may regrettably miss the delivery time.

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Adapt measures to local conditions and defeat each one

Faced with these difficulties, Pargo did not give up. The opportunity for founders Lars Veul and Derk Hoekert to found Pargo was when they were Marketing List working in Africa and found that the low level of local express delivery seriously affected the quality of life and work, posing a great challenge to the development of African e-commerce. , the local area urgently needs a complete logistics and distribution system. Based on in-depth research on customer needs, Pargo seeks to provide more convenient locations, more affordable services, and more flexible customer options to solve the express delivery pain points faced by customers. Pargo’s smart logistics technology platform not only powers all of this, but is quickly becoming a key enabler of e-commerce in Africa.

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