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Interactive branding the public no longer sees brands as simply providers of products or services. They also see them as providers of experiences and, as such, they like being able to communicate with them, interact. In this context, interactive branding (interactive brand) is going to be one of the marketing trends of this 2023. What do we mean by interactive branding? Well, to all those marketing actions that will allow users to be part of the brand and its path. In other words, it is no longer enough to upload an article to the blog. Notify them of new publications or new products.

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The public wants you to answer their questions Dominican Republic Whatsapp Number List directly. That their buying process is interesting and that in short, during their trip they feel cared for and an active figure. Questionnaires, surveys, infographics, interactive maps, personalized emails, websites with attractive animations and interactions on social networks are some of the options that you have as a brand to create a more interactive branding in which the client is feel the center of your strategy. Inclusivity and diversity did you know that ads that are perceived by the audience as more inclusive and diverse have a high interaction rate ?

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Diversity and inclusivity have been a trend for a long time Marketing List not only in digital marketing, but also in other aspects of life, and it does not seem to be changing any time soon. The public is increasingly committed to the social causes that surround them and demands the same from brands.

Corporate indifference is a thing of the past. Now, organizations are being asked to do their bit to make the world a better place . For this reason, concepts such as ecology or equality have also become 2023 trends for digital marketing and different industries. Those brands that dare to destroy stereotypes and show the diversity of people that exist will be the ones that win the hearts of the people, because they will be able to connect with people.

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