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However, it is possible that startup businesses or small businesses and private individuals are also advise to know how assets are classifie. Properties of Assets Not only the definition and type, you also have to know what characteristics an asset has in general. There are three main properties of assets, namely resources, economic value, and ownership. Assets are of course a resource that can be utilize in the future. Apart from that, assets also clearly have economic value because they can be bought and sold. Assets can also reflect a person’s wealth which can be converte into cash.

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Also read: Discussing Capital Structure Theory and Various Determining Factors Use of Assets Use of Assets illustration of the meaning of assets. source envato Not just for owning, of course there are uses for an asset which benefit the owner. You can use assets Germany WhatsApp Number List in two forms, namely operational assets and non-operational assets. . Operating Assets Operating assets are assets that can be use for daily nees, whether personal nees or business nees. Assets that can be use for this nee include business equipment, copyrights, patents, machines, merchandise, etc.

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Non-Operating Assets On the other hand, non-operating assets are assets that are not use for daily use, for example empty land, securities, deposit interest Taiwan Phone Number List and investments. Also read: Accounting Cycle: Complete Understanding and Explanation Conclusion. The definition of assets is a form of wealth for a person or a company. In it there is a classification that anyone who has it should know. You also have to know how they are use to be able to safeguard these assets.

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