Email Marketing: growing data

Email marketing. Growing data. Companies are aiming for interaction marco targa . 16 november 2022 email marketing over the last year. Email marketing has confirme itself as one of the most use tools by companies in the broader field of digital marketing. Like all tools relate to digital methodologies. Email marketing also undergoes rapid evolution. Base on the optimization of results. It is therefore useful to analyze the most effective trends in relation to the achievable performances. You might be intereste in. “Email marketing. Growing data. Companies are aiming for interaction” what is email marketing email marketing it is never superfluous to analyze this segment starting from a focus on what email marketing is and what it is use for.

What is Email Marketing

It is a form of marketing that integrates strategies and tactics for creating and distributing special data email communications with the aim of implementing relationships between brands and audiences. A system which. If organize in a timely manner. Is also extremely effective for sending information and providing promotional updates on products. Aiming to obtain competitive advantages. Download our guide now to discover all the email marketing trends and statistics for 2022! What the 2022 data say email marketing all this in general. Although it is always good to analyze the performance of this methodology and. In this case. 

What the 2022 data say

The data processe by the 2022 eition of the statistical observatory on email marketing curate by mailup is particularly useful. The analysis Marketing List indicates the growth of this methodology at the company level with mailings. Which increase by 8.7% in 2021 compare to the previous year. In absolute terms we are talking about 15 billion items compare to 14 billion in 2020 (a year significantly affecte by the covid.19 pandemic). You might be intereste in. “Email marketing 2022. Why it is still a fundamental tool for companies” sending formats as regards the types of emails. They are divide as follows. Dem (direct email marketing). 26.6% of the total. Newsletter. 69.1% transactional emails. 3.6%. 

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