However he is not alone in encountering these problems

Even if you contact customer service, it does not mean that the problem can be solved immediately. Sometimes consumers still have to queue up and wait for various times. “During Black Friday, we had more than 1,000 real-time chat user inquiries, and there were also a lot of WhatsApp messages. Customer service staff had to switch platforms back and forth, unable to reply at all, and missed a lot of business opportunities.” An independent 3C electronics company The website seller said helplessly.

In the final analysis, the reason why online customer service work efficiency is slow is that in addition to the inability to unify the dialogue windows of multiple channels, a large part of the reason is that there is a large amount of repetitive content consultation work. According to the “Relevance of Customer Service Affected by Consumer Emotions” report jointly released by and the research agency CANDID , when nearly half of consumers encounter problems, they will use multiple channels to find answers at the same time, such as through real-time on the website.

Download the research report "Relevance of Customer Service Affected by Consumer Emotions"

Ask questions in the chat window, send WhatsApp messages, or call merchant customer service, etc. However, this often results in different customer Spam Number Data service personnel replying to the same questions again and again without understanding the consultation history, which consumes a lot of energy. In general, low customer service efficiency regardless of any factor will lead to a certain amount of customer loss, including poor website conversion results and low customer repurchase rates.In addition, the report also shows that consumers’ emotions are extremely high when they call customer service. Only one-third (33%) of respondents said they would feel grateful after receiving help from customer service, with impatience being the most common emotion (42%), followed by frustration (36%). So in the era of refined operations, how can independent sellers appease consumers and provide high-quality customer service?



Customer satisfaction soars

According to the “Correlation of customer service affected by consumer emotions” report, consumers want to receive fast, friendly and effective Marketing List services. Not only will consumers become impatient when the waiting time is too long, but also when there is a lack of effective solutions , you will become depressed. Based on this, in order to solve the customer service problems encountered by independent website sellers, cm.Com has created a customer service tool suitable for cross-border e-commerce independent websites – mobile service cloud . Its integrated service system includes three major trump cards. Features can help enterprises improve service efficiency and quality in multiple.

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