What is Google Ads and what is it for

Google ads (formerly known as adwords) is google’s online advertising solution. Which has been in operation for more than 20 years (since 2000). Its most famous functionality is google search ads. But it also has display advertising tools, video and many other formats and placements. Google ads stands out for its wide reach. Since it not only allows you to place ads on the two most used search engines in the world (google and youtube) but also has a large display network to place ads on third-party sites and applications . Plus, combine this reach with tons of targeting options to reach exactly the audience you’re looking for.

Google ads is a very complex ecosystem

at first glance it can seem Brazil Whatsapp Number List overwhelming, but luckily in recent years they have added automation tools that allow you to take advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence to create campaigns optimized according to your objectives and obtain better results. For marketers, this simplifies the process of creating and optimizing ads. Types of campaigns you can use in google ads in this screenshot you have the campaigns that you can do today. Although new ones are always being added or even merged. Google ads is constantly changing.

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Google ads campaign type search campaigns

Search campaigns are the Marketing List  most popular google advertising format: text ads that are displayed prominently when users search for a term on google. These types of campaigns are highly recommended to increase sales, leads or traffic on your website. Display campaigns display campaigns are used to serve banner ads across millions of google websites, apps, and properties . In this way, you can expand your audience beyond the google search engine. In addition, they offer you the possibility of using your data segments to show ads to users who have previously visited your website or used your application. Video campaigns with this format you can show video ads on youtube and other websites .

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