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The definition of asset is a term that is interprete into several definitions by several subjects. The first definition comes from the Big Indonesian Dictionary which states that assets are wealth in the form of money or other tangible objects. Meanwhile , Wikipeia states that the definition of an asset is a normal debit balance or economic resource which provides business benefits in the future. Other definitions of assets are also state by several scientists in a journal, including Siregar, Hidayat, Munawir, and so on.

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Strategies for Sustainable Business Expansion Types of Assets According to Physical Existence Asset Type illustration of the meaning of assets. source envato Assets do not only have one type, but are still classifie first and then fille in by types according to Estonia WhatsApp Number List their groups. The first classification is the type of asset define according to its physical existence. According to physical existence, assets are divide into two, namely tangible assets and intangible assets. Tangible assets consist of anything that can be felt and seen by the eye, including houses, land.

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Office equipment, money, gold, machines, trade goods and other objects that can be. Intangible assets are the opposite of tangible assets, namely they New Zealand Phone Number List cannot be seen. The types of intangible assets or intangible assets include permits, patents, trademarks, good will , copyright, intellectual property, and others. Also read: Get to know more about overhead costs in business Types of Assets According to Convertibility Asset Convertibility illustration of the meaning of assets. source envato This next classification of assets divides assets into two more specific groups, namely non-current assets and current assets.

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