Trends in branding, design and UX that are coming in 2023

E start this list of digital marketing trends for 2023 with one referring to the ux of company or ecommerce websites. Surely you’ve heard of dark mode, an option that appears in most user interfaces and is also featured by a large number of mobile applications . The dark mode or dark mode (as opposed to the light mode) makes the platform appear with a dark surface, causing the text and other elements to stand out more . Dark mode is nothing new in digital marketing design, but while it hasn’t stood out much before, it’s certainly going to become one of the hottest trends of 2023. On a visual level it will give your platforms a more elegant air, but the benefits of this trend are not only on an aesthetic level.

Beyond the Calculator

Dark mode allows for better web visibility and Denmark Whatsapp Number List readability, reduces device power consumption, and even displays images and videos in more detail. Throughout the year 2023 we will see how a large number of companies include this option in their platform, since, in addition, users prefer it over the standard mode. Customizable logos on which platforms does your brand have a presence?Surely in more than one. Social networks, web page, e-commerce… And surely your logo does not appear the same in all of them, since each one demands different requirements.

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The Inner Workings of Numerical Approximations

In this way, your logo can appear in the profile Marketing List photo, in a banner, in a video, in a rectangular image, in a square image… There are many possibilities and as time goes by they will increase. Also, if your brand also has a physical presence in stores, this becomes even more significant. And it is that, having adaptable logos is a requirement in current digital marketing, so your branding strategy must have logos of different sizes. And not only that, it is also essential to have simplified versions, since on many occasions you will not be able to capture the original version of it due to size or format. Despite all this, one thing must be clear.

Regardless of the different versions of your logos that you create, they must all maintain the same aesthetics and essence, otherwise it would not appear that they belong to the same brand and your company would lose coherence in its digital marketing strategy, ceasing to be recognizable.

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