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Cost Calculation Method Also read: What are Assets? The following is the definition of assets and their types in business Stages in the Manufacturing Company Accounting Cycle Stages in the Manufacturing Company Accounting Cycle illustration of a manufacturing company’s accounting cycle. source envato The manufacturing company accounting cycle involves a series of stages that include the process of recording, processing and reporting financial information.

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The following are the main stages in the manufacturing company accounting cycle: . Collection of Transaction Data The initial stage in a manufacturing company’s accounting cycle is collecting company financial transaction data. These transactions Nigeria WhatsApp Number List include purchases of raw materials, production costs, sales of finishe products, operational expenses, and other financial transactions. . Transaction Coding Each transaction must be identifie, classifie and code according to the relevant accounts in the company’s accounting plan. This involves selecting appropriate accounts to record transactions.

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Recording in the General Journal Once transactions are code, they are recorde in the company’s general journal. A general journal is a chronological record that Italy Phone Number List records all financial transactions in time order. Each transaction record includes the date, description, amount, and accounts involve. . Making a Leger Data from the general journal is then transferre to the general leger. A general leger is a collection of individual accounts that organizes and records the opening balance, transactions, and ending balance for each account. This helps companies track overall account balances.

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