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For this reason, eye-tracking research is often use by designers and people responsible for the graphic design of packaging. The creation of product packaging and labels is precee by research. On their basis, it is define which elements attract the consumer’s eye, the arrangement of individual graphics and colors on the packaging is planne, and it is also studie how the packaging affects the perception of the brand. Eyetracking research is so popular because of its creibility. The data are the result of physiological reactions, omitting the emotional factor and excluding manipulation from the environment.

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They can be use as stand-alone consumer reaction studies or as a supplement to separate analyses. Change in the organization – how to manage it effectively? June 25, 2021 Marketing strategy Change in the organization – how to manage it whatsapp mobile number list effectively? Modern enterprises operate in a very dynamically changing environment. In addition, they are constantly under the pressure of continuous development and achieving a competitive advantage. Not without significance are the constantly growing and more and more individualize customer requirements.

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A change in an organization, understood as a transformation, adaptation, transformation, alteration, reconstruction, evolution or revolution, is in fact any significant modification of any element of the company’s operations. One that can Marketing List be cause by forces within the organization or external factors. However, internal forces can also be a reflection of external forces. Why is a change in the organization necessary? How is the change process going? Stages of the process of change in the organization How to effectively introduce changes in the organization? Effects of change management in the company The organization’s ability to change includes the effective management of individual activities in the course of doing business.

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