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Making money by providing web services On my own website, I provide web designer services. The best way to rank in search engines is to create content on a blog or even open a YouTube channel to share your knowledge. These two legs give you traffic and make you an expert in your field. Pros: This is the most natural way to start with the internet. We all have some knowledge that can be provided online. Start-up requires very little investment and you can grow at any time.

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 The benefits you receive will depend on what you want to charge. Disadvantages: Providing a service latest database means trading time for money, so in order to generate income, you will need recurring customers. It is not an extensible system. If you are sick or unable to work for any reason, you will stop making money. #2. How to make money on your website through affiliate marketing While the most common and widespread way to make money on your website is to provide services,

which is technically called 'Double Opt-In'

the second most common way (at least in the digital world) is probably affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing, then, involves producing reviews, tutorials or product guides related to your event Marketing List where you can add affiliate links related to the seller. If someone clicks on your link and buys on the seller’s website, you will receive a commission. Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly the best way to generate passive income through a website.

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