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Remaining Business Results are the part of business results that are not allocate for returning the owner’s or shareholder’s capital, paying debts, or use for operational costs. On the other hand, SHU can be use for various purposes according to the nature and objectives of the organization. The purposes for which Remaining Operating Procees are use can vary, such as developing new projects, investing in productive assets, establishing reserves, or charitable programs that are in line with the organization’s mission.

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Calculating Remaining Operating Results involves the process of subtracting gross income from all costs relate to the organization’s operations, including production costs, administrative expenses, financial expenses, and others. After these costs are Indonesia WhatsApp Number List subtracte, the remaining procees are SHU. The approach to calculating SHU may vary according to the relevant accounting principles and applicable organizational structure. It should be emphasize that the SHU concept is often more emphasize in cooperative entities and non-profit organizations.

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Because commercial companies generally have the main goal of maximizing profits for shareholders. This concept reflects a commitment to the principles of sustainability, transparency and utilization of business results for broader interests. In the context Canada Phone Number List of cooperatives. The concept of Remaining Business Results highlights the principle of partnership and active participation of members in decisions relate to the allocation and use of business results. Therefore, SHU is also an important tool in promoting economic democratic values ​​and member empowerment.

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