Quality raters have new rules

Quality raters have new rules. Google switches to eeat guido marabini . 21 december 2022 quality raters the guidelines drawn up by google for its quality raters until 15 december 2022 were base on three concepts containe in the acronym eat. Expertise. Authoritativeness. Trustworthiness (competence. Authoritativeness. Reliability). Today quality raters must carry out their work taking into account one more e. That of experience . And the mantra they must repeat in their mind is eeat . Those who deal with seo know how important the user experience is to improve the ranking of a web page and position it among the top places of the serp. But now the mountain view search engine gives the term “Experience” an additional . Important. Meaning. 

Who are the quality raters

It’s time to clarify things a bit by explaining. Who are the quality raters. What does “experience” mean within eeat. Why is trust in google ratings new data essential. You might be intereste in. “Changes in programmatic advertising. Here are the trends” who are the quality raters. Quality raters the quality rater is a real person who tests the answers that google gives to its users. Browsing the web pages linke from the search engine’s serp. Evaluate a series of factors to understand if they are really in line with the expectations of those typing a particular query. 

What does “experience” mean within EEAT

This human tester performs quality control on the performance of the algorithm that returns responses to users. In the general Marketing List guidelines for quality raters google highlights the value and responsibility of this activity. Saying. “as a search quality assessor. You will help evaluate the quality of search engines around the world. Good search engines provide useful results for people in their specific language and location.” click here! And download the inside ebook for free now to discover the 2022 seo statistics what does “experience” mean within eeat. 

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