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Instead of having to lose customers because the place is crowde and maybe space is limite. Opening a branch in a place far from the old branch also has the same aim. It is recommende to look for a place to open a branch that still has minimal competition but is still in a strategic spot. Also read: + Examples of Entrepreneurs with Small Capital but Big Profits . Establish a new target market This business expansion strategy can also be carrie out and is actually quite effective. The meaning of creating a new target market is creating other products or services that customers also nee.

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By utilizing a good brand from the previous product, this new product will definitely not be difficult to attract customers’ purchasing power. This is why in reality there are toothpaste factories which then produce toothbrushes, pencil stationery companies Belize WhatsApp Number List which also produce ballpoint pens, and many more examples. . Make an Alliance ( Merger or Acquisition ) Business alliance business expansion illustration. source envato It turns out that you can invite rival companies to collaborate or form an alliance.

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You can collaborate with not just any company, but companies that have relate or similar products or services. Indirectly, by making alliances with other companies, your company has expande its business. A company expansion must be accompanie by Indonesia Phone Number List a strategy to maximize the results and be total. Also read: What is a Business Concept? This is the meaning and function! Conclusion As we have explaine above, business expansion will create changes and growth in your business. Growth means that market share will expand, calling for new strategies to deal with larger competitors.

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