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Compliance with Tax Regulations This basic principle requires entities or individuals to comply with all applicable tax regulations. This includes disclosing all sources of income, following applicable tax provisions, and reporting taxes on time. . Separation of Income and Conservation Principles Income must be recognize when it is receive or can be measure with certainty, while expenses must be recognize when they occur or when the liability can be measure with certainty.

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The conservation principle requires an entity or individual to forecast potential income tax expenses that may arise in the future and record them when necessary. . Transparency and Disclosure This basic principle requires providing sufficient and relevant Brazil WhatsApp Number List information to tax authorities and other stakeholders through honest and transparent financial reports. . Legal Tax Planning These basic principles allow legal tax planning to optimize tax liabilities. However, excessive or illegal tax planning practices should be avoide.

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Preparation of Financial Reports Financial reports must be prepare in accordance with the accounting principles applicable in the relevant jurisdiction. These principles usually include recognize financial reporting standards, such as International Financial Italy Phone Number List Reporting Standards (IFRS) or Generally Accepte Accounting Principles (GAAP). It should be emphasize that the basic principles of income tax accounting may vary in each jurisdiction or country, depending on the applicable tax laws. Therefore, entities or individuals nee to understand the tax regulations in their jurisdiction and adhere to tax accounting principles appropriate to their context.

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