Taobao Live is currently in an important period of content ecological construction.

Starting from late May, Taobao Live invited more than 300 celebrities, setting off the largest wave of celebrity broadcasts in history. For example, in June, Argentine football star Messi appeared in the Taobao Live room. The number of views once exceeded 2.1 million. In addition to the upgraded live broadcast policy, during the 618 period, Taobao Live launched a new function “Supporting Purchases”. After users purchase directly or place an order in the live broadcast room, they can get gifts to give to the anchors; in July, Taobao Live began to vigorously recruit game anchors, and A subsidy policy was introduced to once again broaden the category track.

As a large number of MCN organizations.

Internet celebrity anchors, new amateurs, and major brands have settled in Taobao Live, Taobao Live must also have an equal share of TG Number List traffic support. Oriental Selection may not be able to share the huge traffic tilt, nor may it be. You can recreate the Douyin problem. At the same time, compared to Douyin, a platform that started out as a short video platform and is more oriented toward content communities, Taobao has anchored the shelf e-commerce track since its inception. Therefore, the track logic of “people looking for goods” is relatively different. “Goods looking for people” who are good at building content power are more suitable for the development of live broadcasts with the attribute of bringing goods. After entering Taobao.

If you still fail to properly handle whether you want content or sales.

You will essentially be unable to balance whether you want traffic or freedom. Oriental Selection will inevitably “make the same mistakes again. And find it difficult Marketing List to move forward independently.  as well as LinkedIn and other social media profiles Become. A Certified Content Marketing Strategist Master the craft of systematically creating and promoting. Content that drives noticeable revenue for any business (with the badge to prove it). Get Certified Today For Just $495 A badge designating you as a Certified Content Marketing Specialist that can be hosted on your website, email signature and LinkedIn profile A digital, printable Certificate suitable for framing Status and recognition as a Certified Content Marketing Specialist

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