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What is the difference between personnel and HRD The differences between personnel and HRD can be explaine as follows: . Main Focus The first difference between personnel and HRD is the main focus. The main focus of personnel is on employee administration management, such as recruitment, selection, termination of employment, payroll, and personnel administration management. On the other hand, HRD focuses more on employee development and the growth of human resources in the organization.

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They pay attention to eucation, training, career development, performance management, and employee coaching. . Scope of Responsibility The second Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List difference between personnel and HRD is in the scope of responsibility. Personnel responsibilities are limite to operational and administrative tasks relate to employees, such as managing absences, leave, and personnel administration.

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They are also responsible for ensuring the company’s compliance with labor regulations. Meanwhile, HRD responsibilities include strategic aspects in developing and strengthening employee potential. They are involve in planning and implementing Vietnam Phone Number List development programs, performance management, identifying training nees, and creating a work culture that is conducive to growth and learning. . Orientation Time The next difference between personnel and HRD is orientation time.

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