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Tip: Social Networks: which one should my company . Invest in? 4. Expand reach and influence through strategic . Partnerships Another way to expand The best rand popularity is by using this OKR to . Consider strategies that abuse other companies’ influence over their own customers . These other companies can range from individual influencers to corporations.  But the mission is always to promote an idea. A name, a product or a service . O: Expand reach and influence through strategic partnerships ; KR 1: Establish X new partnerships with relevant influencers to promote the brand; KR 2: Collaborate with X partner brands to carry out joint campaigns; KR 3: Attend relevant events and conferences to increase brand visibility.

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Improve the targeting and effectiveness of . Paid ad campaigns Identifying potential customers into increasingly specific . Groups makes target campaigns more effective, which allows you to convert more leads at lower costs. It is expect that optimization in this area . Will have a direct impact on cash flow — and that is why this OKR is here . Improve the targeting and effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns; KR 1: Increase ad click-through rate by X% through precise targeting; KR 2: Increase ad conversion new data rate by X% through continuous optimization; KR 3: Ruce cost per acquisition by X% through refin bidding and targeting strategies.

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Strengthen the brand’s presence on social mia . Having a presence with relevant content on social mia (that impacts people and.Reinforces the company’s authority) is the “O” of this OKR: a way to gain popularity by building a culture around the business. O: Strengthen the brand’s presence on social mia (reach more people through valuable content); KR 1: Increase the number of followers Marketing List on all social networks by X%; KR 2: Increase publication engagement by X% through relevant and interactive content; KR 3: Monitor and respond to brand mentions on social mia in less than X hours.

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