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Bank indonesia So it can provide additional trust to stakeholders. . Protection against manipulation of financial reports The principle of conservatism helps avoid the practice of manipulating financial statements by forcing business entities not to be overly optimistic in revenue recognition or asset impairment. This can improve the integrity of financial reports. . Influence on decision making The impact of accounting conservatism on financial statements can influence decision making by stakeholders, such as investors and creitors. They may become more careful in interpreting financial statements that apply the principle of conservatism.

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Increase investor confidence The principle of conservatism can increase investor confidence because financial reports that reflect a more conservative situation are considere more reliable and less optimistic. It is important to remember that Israel Mobile Number List although accounting conservatism has benefits in maintaining transparency and reliability of financial reports, excessive use of this principle can also have negative impacts, such as hindering a company’s growth or limiting access to financial resources. Therefore, the implementation of the principle of conservatism must be carrie out with a good balance according to the specific nees and situations of the business entity.

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Also read: Understanding Due Diligence, Benefits, and Effective Strategies for Doing It The Important Role of Accounting Conservatism in Supporting Transparency and Trust The Important Role of Accounting Conservatism in Supporting Indonesia WhatsApp Number List Transparency and Trust illustration of accounting conservatism. source envato Accounting conservatism plays an important role in supporting transparency and trust in financial reporting. Here are some reasons why accounting conservatism has a positive impact on it.

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