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How to calculate Remaining Operating Results can vary depending on the organizational structure, the purpose of using SHU, and the accounting principles applie. Below are general methods that are often use in calculating SHU: . Calculate Gross Income Start by calculating the total gross income or business income from all sources, including sales of products or services, interest, and other sources of income. . Reuce Production and Operational Costs Subtract all costs relate to production and business operations.

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This includes raw material costs, production costs, employee salaries, marketing costs, administrative costs and other operational costs. . Reuce Financial Burden If there are financial charges, such as interest or loan fees, subtract them from the calculate Italy WhatsApp Number List operational results. . Reuce Taxes Deuct income tax from operational results after deucting costs and financial expenses. The tax calculate is usually base on the tax rates applicable in the region or country where the organization operates. . Calculate Net Profit After subtracting all costs, expenses and taxes, you will get net profit or net income.

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Determine SHU Allocation Determine the percentage or amount. Funds from net profit that will be allocate as remaining operating results. This China Phone Number List percentage can be determine base on organizational policy.  The intende use of the SHU, or base on agreement between members or stakeholders. . Calculate the Number of SHUs Calculate the SHU amount by multiplying the net profit by the percentage or amount that has been determine as the SHU allocation.

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