Error 401: what it is and how to fix it

The 401 error occurs when a user’s browser does not allow access to a page that they are trying to visit without first logging in with the corresponding data. This notice may appear in different ways depending on the browser used and other circumstances. Therefore, you will be facing this problem. If any of these phrases appear: http error 401 401 authorization required. Is very common to happen and if it occurs it is because. There is a problem on the part of the browser. The internet provider or the router . However, in most cases, it is the internship itself that causes it.

What does the 401 error mean

It is possible that, when faced Chinese Malaysia Phone Number List with this error, more specific messages such as: 401.1: login error 401.2: login error. by ACL (access control list) 401.4: filter authorization error 401.5: application authorization error. These specifications usually appear when. The web server is running with internet information service (IIS). Why does the 401 error occur? The 401 error can be set on purpose. But many times it is an error and these are the most common causes.

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Why does the 401 error occur

Incorrectly configured plugin there Marketing List are security plugins in wordpress that offer different ways to restrict or limit the entrance to the web. It can happen that these plugins are misconfigured and mistakenly deny access to the public and even take an activity or visit that is not suspicious. Wrong url when a url is misspelled or out of date, the 401 error can appear. Restricted site .Htaccess file one of the ways to deny access to your website (or part of it) is through an .Htaccess file. It is possible that, as the owner of the site, you carried out this process to protect your website with a password, and you forgot to delete it. However, there are plugins that can do this automatically as well, so you might want to check them out.

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