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In addition, like most markets around the world, the Nordic market has also undergone a large-scale and rapid transformation from offline marketing to online marketing. Therefore, social media is becoming more and more important in the online environment. Take Denmark as an example. From 2020 to 2021, the number of social media users in Denmark increased by 120,000 (+2.4%). The number of users is equivalent to the total number of users. 83.6% of the population, and 26% of Danish social media users have the habit of paying attention to merchants/brands’ social media updates, which makes them easy to be planted by brands. In addition, email marketing is still an important promotion form in Northern Europe. Sellers can combine email + social media Marketing, achieve the effect of 1+1>2.

Western Europe Among the entire

European e-commerce market, Western Europe accounts for the highest proportion of e-commerce sales at 64%, covering countries such as Chinese Overseas Africa Number Data the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Its Internet users account for 96%, and online shopping users account for 87%. Today I will first explain the two key trading countries: Britain and France.

Let’s talk about the UK first. With a population of 64.3 million, 92% use the Internet (15 years and above), 43.4 million of them shop online, and each person spends an average of 3,625 euros per year. According to FIS Worldpay’s forecast, more than 20% of shopping in the UK will be completed online in 2024.

And online consumption will reach 264 billion pounds

It should be noted that social media is very popular among locals in the UK, including Facebook, WhatsApp and other channels. The latest survey Marketing List shows that nearly 25% of British consumers have purchased clothing through social platforms, 20% have purchased beauty products, and about 19.5% have purchased home electronics through social e-commerce. More than 50% of the population relies on Social e-commerce for purchasing fashion products. Therefore, popular local social media applications have become the key for cross-border sellers to obtain traffic passwords.

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