The 23 most important metrics in digital marketing

The customer’s lifetime value is the total benefits that it will generate for us throughout its relationship with the brand . To calculate it, we must multiply the average amount of each purchase by the number of repeat purchases. If we detect that the global ltv is very low. This indicates that we must work either on cross and additional sales. It may also be interesting to compare. This data between customers who have reached us through different sources and see if there are differences between them. Customer lifetime value.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of people. Who have visited your brand’s website or landing page. But left right after without completing any action. It is calculated by dividing the number of abandonments by. The total Bangladesh Whatsapp Number List 1 Million Package number of visits and multiplying by 100. Bounce rate 2 a high bounce rate indicates. That we have a serious problem with our digital marketing. Since our content does not meet the expectations of visitors. The problem may be with the website itself (eg, an unattractive design or too long a loading time) or with. The messages we use to attract users to it. Since they create expectations that are not realized later. Comply.

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Searches of the brand (branded search)

This metric is simply the number Marketing List of searches for the brand on google and other search engines, and it helps us assess whether brand awareness and awareness campaigns are having an effect. It is desirable that this figure increases as the brand becomes known. You can check it by linking your domain with google console . Engagement is the most coveted social media metric.

Therefore, Formula engagement engagement. Can be calculated per post or per period of time. Likewise, we can calculate that of a specific publication or period. Or obtain an average that serves as a reference. To calculate the engagement of a post, we divide the total number of interactions with the post (likes, comments, shares, etc.) by the number of followers of the channel in which it is posted and multiply by 100. To calculate the engagement during a specific period, we divide the total interactions during that period by the number of followers and multiply by 100.

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