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The challenge is to introduce changes in such a way as to maintain organizational and image coherence, with the simultaneous dynamics of actions aime at developing and improving the current situation. Organizations must therefore constantly develop their adaptability, innovation and flexibility. Otherwise, they can treat change as a crisis and instead of managing it, introduce crisis management . Why is a change in the organization necessary? The complexity of the processes taking place in the environment and their unpreictability mean that organizations are constantly looking for a new perspective for their presence on the market.

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Change is a natural way of development for any organization. In order to achieve its goals in an ever-changing environment, the company must modify its moves. Change is therefore a price that the company pays in exchange for the phone number list possibility of remaining on the market. The changes differ in scope and scale of operation, as well as the place they concern. The purpose of large and radical changes of a strategic nature is to increase the competitiveness of the organization by changing the way it operates and changing the offer, technology or markets.

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On the other hand, smaller changes at the operational level usually concern one aspect of the company’s operations and result mainly from current nees. We recommend Marketing communication goals – what they are and how to adapt them to the Marketing List company’s nees How is the change process going? Changes can be planne or unplanne. They can be of a technical and technological, economic, organizational, personal and information nature. They may concern the company’s management structure, production, logistics or organizational processes. Changes can also occur in other fields. In the area of ​​material and personal resources, people, tasks assigne to them, communication.

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