What new opportunities are hidden in Southeast Asia

Suddenly emerged in the cross-border circle. Looking at the entire market, there are multiple blue ocean halos such as broad prospects, stable policy environment, and strong consumer demand, which continue to attract many sellers to enter the market. Especially in the past few years, it has become a hotly contested area for overseas sellers.

So, facing this 100-billion-dollar market, how can sellers seize the opportunity? This article will talk about the situation in southeast asia from the dimensions of market size, e-commerce environment, and user portraits.

Southeast asia market size

A report released by emarketer, a market research organization, shows that southeast asia will become the global e-commerce market growth champion with What new opportunities a growth rate of 20.6% in 2022. At UAE Telegram Number Data the same time, five of the top ten e-commerce growth markets in the world belong to southeast asia. Among them, singapore tops the list with a 36% increase in digital sales in 2022; followed by indonesia with a 34% increase, followed by the philippines with a 25.9% increase. It can be seen that the development of the southeast asian market is bursting with endless potential.

Dividends” to sellers such as tariff reductions and investment and trade facilitation, making this the world’s preferred overseas market.

Southeast asia e-commerce market growth rate in

In addition, according to the international monetary fund’s forecast. From 2022 to 2024, the real gdp growth rates of vietnam, the philippines. Indonesia and Marketing List malaysia will exceed the levels of china the united states and the global average. Overseas sellers do not have to worry about “Involution” competition in the existing market. State. The size of the southeast asian e-commerce market is expected to. Grow from us$120 billion in 2021 to us$234 billion by 2025. Specifically, indonesia will be the largest e-commerce market. And the market size will exceed 100 billion in 2025; the philippines vietnam and thailand are in an explosive period of growth. With rapid development and great potential; while the two mature markets. Of singapore and malaysia continue to maintain stable growth. Coupled with the fact that rcep has come into full effect in the past few years, it has brought direct.

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