Online Congress of Digital Sales Days 2021

Digital sales days 2021 will take place on may 20 and 21, 2021 and was born. As an online congress focused on marketing and sales, focused on the public in spain and latin america. An event that has the presence of more than 40 marketing and communication professionals. Who will offer a global and updated vision of digital sales strategies. David tomás , ceo and co-founder of cyberclick, will participate in the closing table to offer a global vision of the sector. Admission is free , although there is a solidarity ticket to help fight against childhood cancer .

Beyond Pen and Pape

Online congress of digital sales days 2021 the Germany Whatsapp Number List purpose of the congress is twofold. On the one hand, to learn about the latest trends. That brands should attend to in terms of marketing and digital sales. The solidarity ticket of the congress is intended for the fight childhood cancer. Digital sales days has a different participation format.

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Exploring Modern Applications of Numerical Mathematics

Similarly, on the other hand, it is not about offering unique Marketing List expert presentations. But the tables are made up of a pool of professionals under the baton of a moderator. Will offer a current perspective on relevant topics for marketing and sales. Who accompany us with their experience and vision on the subject.

As a final climax, we highlight the presence of leading personalities in the world of marketing for the closing table. A final table that has a panel of experts who will give us their global vision of the state of digital sales in companies . We do not want to stop remembering the solidarity purpose of digital sales days. Admission to the event is free but there is the possibility of purchasing a solidarity ticket. That will give access to the recording of the 2 days for only €5 + tax. With the help of teaming, the amount of this ticket will go entirely to the fight against childhood cancer at the hospital sand joan de deu in barcelona.

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