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Consumers don’t like to wait when seeking customer service. According to cm.Com’s 2022 “Relevance of customer service affected by consumer emotions” research report, consumers usually do not contact customer service immediately when they encounter difficulties, but first try to solve the problem themselves. So, when they finally contact the company, they want an effective solution and a quick response! So, what is the maximum response time consumers can accept? Which is more important, quick response or manual intervention?

In order to answer these questions, cm.Com once again commissioned the research agency candid to conduct a survey among 7,078 respondents from the uk, the united states, china, france, germany.


Key conclusions drawn from the research

Consumers don’t like to wait, and acceptable wait times vary by communication channel. 2. Consumers want to be able to connect with BTC Number Data businesses anytime, anywhere.  Consumers want high-quality solutions. 4. Empathy is important, but solutions that can quickly solve problems are more important. 5. Consumers would rather choose personalized support over immediate responses. Service response time must matter. belgium and the netherlands. This survey delves into the role of responsiveness in customer service and explores customer expectations and trends across age groups, regions and channels.


Research report customer service quick responses

It goes without saying that consumers value speed of problem resolution. Respondents almost unanimously agreed (92%) that customer service Marketing List should respond quickly to issues; older people are the least patient (97% of those  over 65 agreed, compared with 97% of those under 25). , this proportion is only 88%). Beyond that, all respondents (regardless of age or nationality) agreed that the most annoying aspect of customer service is “long wait times.” Three major customer service annoyances: 1. Waiting too long 2. Keep restating the problem 3. Unable to contact the merchant.

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