Create a free blog? Why you shouldn’t do it

Create a free blog? Why you shouldn’t do it. Nowadays there are multiple and diverse ways to create a free blog and in a matter of a few minutes you can have something similar to a blog, when I tell you something similar it is perhaps falling a little short because it is really very far from having a professional blog. , but hey, I’m not going to get ahead of myself and what I will explain later, and as you can guess are my reasons why you should choose to create a professional blog instead of creating a free blog.

Learning “I created the blog to learn about something I like”

Creating a blog is going to force you to learn, no matter what, because before writing you have to read a lot, but does it make sense to create a free blog on a topic that we don’t know? The truth is that no, even though there are people who tell you things, don’t worry, just write simple things and such on your blog, that could mean the end of this story called a blog. If you want to make email database a blog you have to have extensive knowledge and experience in the topics you are going to talk about and if you don’t have it, first train yourself to have this knowledge so you won’t make false steps with your new blog.

A professional blog requires a large financial investment

Actually the investment cost of a blog having your own hosting and domain ranges from €50 or €60 per year, it is a totally affordable amount for any pocket, of course, if you do it, choose a good hosting, do not go for one you have seen on TV like 1 and 1 , which, in addition to not being the best option, will probably cost you more for the collar Marketing List than your own pet. You should choose a hosting not only for its price and quality of service. Therefore, but also for it to be another part of your project, and so that you can scale according to your needs. 

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