23 Types of Advertising that companies use

23 Types of Advertising that companies use. Are you really aware of what types of advertising exist. Today, if we want to market our product or service we have a large number of options to communicate and reach a large number of people. In fact, when creating a company’s Digital Marketing Plan, one of the most important parts is the communication strategy. And this is where advertising comes into play. The problem is that we are so focused on the online world, that if advertising on the internet, that if advertising on social networks , etc. that many times we forget the most traditional forms.

Types of advertising depending on the media

Depending on the distribution channel, we will find different types of advertising depending on whether it is online or offline. As I mentioned above, we are so immersed in the digital world that we often forget about other ways of advertising. But it is a mistake. Depending on what the objectives of a company are, you will have to look for those channels email leads that are most effective. So let’s look at the different options, but first of all I would like you to look at the following graph , because this will give us a global vision of the advertising situation.

Types of Internet Advertising

Digital advertising is experiencing the greatest growth compared to the rest of the media . In fact, it is the only source that has not decreased in investment, but rather has increased. The rest of the media V that we have seen in the Marketing List graph have all either decreased or have remained at the same levels. With this you can get an idea of ​​how important it can be to invest in advertising. Now, within this medium there are also different.

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