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Crucial step Apart from being able to develop good self-esteem , you will also receive a good assessment in the eyes of your superiors. . Be critical and honest be honest performance evaluation. source envato For example, if you are given a performance evaluation sheet or aske to present it, it is highly recommende to be honest and critical. You must tell the truth about what projects or achievements you have undertaken. Being critical here can be expresse by saying more specifically what your role is in the project and what percentage of your performance is in the team project.

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In this way, your boss will prove to himself that you are an honest employee and deserve to be appreciate. By proving your honesty, it is possible that your boss will trust you more. Also read: Self-Actualization: This is the Definition and How to Spain WhatsApp Number Data Apply It . Document achievements or projects undertaken Just talking may make it difficult to make your boss believe you when you present your performance evaluation later. So that your words are more concrete and far from abstract, it is better to document the projects you have worke on or the achievements you have made so far.

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Having documentation here can make you look more professional because you can talk about things that have evidence. The documentation in question can be videos, pictures, or notes, which can strengthen the assessment you give yourself. Also read: Good Spain Phone Number List and Appropriate HR Planning Process Conclusion Starting from being professional to documenting projects or achievements that you have carrie out, can you remember the five tips above and start implementing them for evaluation in every job you do later.

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