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Personnel are more likely to focus on day-to-day tasks relate to employee administration, maintaining company compliance, and handling employee issues of an operational nature. On the other hand, HRD has a long-term orientation and looks at employee development and organizational growth. They plan for the long term, build employee development strategies, and create a work environment that promotes learning and development. . Roles and Contributions The final difference between personnel and HRD is the role and contribution between the two.

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Personnel contributes to carrying out daily administrative and human resource management tasks, ensuring company compliance with labor regulations, and maintaining employee welfare. Meanwhile, HRD plays a role in developing employees, improving Hungary WhatsApp Number List the quality of the workforce, creating training and development programs, and encouraging organizational growth through effective human resource strategies. Even though personnel and HRD are interrelate and often work together in many aspects, the differences between personnel.

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HRD illustrate the different focuses and responsibilities between the two fields. Also read: What is Management? The following is the definition, function, elements, styles, types and characteristics Closing In conclusion, there are differences Australia Phone Number List between personnel and HRD, namely: Focus : Personnel focuses on employee administration management and company compliance with labor regulations, while HRD focuses on employee development and the growth of human resources in the organization.

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