Facebook Ads Event Match Quality (EMQ) Optimize your conversions

The event match quality is a facebook ads metric that tells you if the events you have created are targeting those meta accounts you want to reach, in short, if they are matching . So far, facebook allows the following standard events: content display: when a user views a product page. Page display: when a page is loaded. Add to cart: when they click the “Add to cart” button. Add payment information: when they add their payment information to make the purchase. Start the payment: when they proceed to make the payment. Compare: when the order has been placed. You already know that, in each event that you create in facebook ads, you can add some customer information parameters.

What is Event Match Quality (EMQ)

That is, data that indicates what type of USA Student Phone Number List customer you want your action to target. What-is-the-event-match-quality-of-facebook-ads in total, there are four ratios through which this metric indicates the effectiveness and coincidence of the parameters that you have entered with those of the meta accounts to which they reach: excellent: the customer information parameters that you send with each event are very powerful and are successfully associated with a meta account. Good: the information is effective and your event is correctly associated with a meta account. Acceptable: the information you submit in the event is not very effective in matching you to a meta account.

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How you can control the EMQ in Facebook Ads

Poor – the information is highly Marketing List ineffective and is not effectively associated with a meta account. Ideally, your effectiveness should be rated as excellent or good , otherwise it means that your events are having few conversions and the cost per result is being too high. In this sense, if the match is high, it means that the data that facebook captures and the data that it sends after a conversion are the same. It is possible that the qualification of the event match quality will appear to you in numerical form. In this case, facebook advises that the purchase conversion events be found with a score of 6 or above, although the most recommended is that the score is 7 or more. On the other hand, conversions such as the display of content or adding products or services.

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