Email Data to optimize the open rate, CTR and conversions

Email marketing can become one of the most profitable forms within your digital marketing strategies, as long as you pay attention to the email data that provides you with these statistics, encompassed within what is known as email data. Knowing these metrics and knowing how to interpret them is key to improving conversions and the click-through rate, as well as increasing your income and your number of customers. In short, designing your campaigns according to the data you receive will help you create much more interesting and relevant content in your emails for your recipients, since the probability that they will open and interact with them will multiply.

The insights from your emails can help our digital marketing

If this insight is greater than 2%, it means. That your emails may British Student Phone Number List be performing less than expected for this reason. To avoid this, it is essential that you review your lists regularly and keep them up to date. Errors in the contact information: this same rate, however, can also be due to writing or formatting errors in the email of your recipients.  Information about your audience: all the data from the emails that you collect is telling you something about your audience. For example, imagine that the open rate of an email on a specific topic is much higher than that of another on a different topic. This information is warning you which topics your recipients are most interested in. Making content along these lines will increase your chances of success in email marketing.

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6 metrics that you can optimize with email data

Resource optimization: the data provided by email data can Marketing List also be very useful for marketing specialists. When requesting resources and justifying expenses. Good email data can build the confidence marketers need to approve quotes. Indicates the number of recipients who report the emails you send as junk or spam . If this rate is higher than 0.1%, it means that users do not want to receive this type of message that you are launching. To solve this, you can choose to create more personalized content , to remove the words that are too advertising from the subject line and to update your email marketing list to reach an audience that is truly interested in your content. Sales conversion rate the sales conversion rate represents the percentage of potential customers who complete a purchase after clicking on the email.

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