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Funding this The existence of these banks gives them the power to determine interest rates and fees for financial services offere to customers. In the modern retail sector, several large companies such as PT. Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (Trading Net), PT. Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Tbk (CP Group), and PT. Matahari Putra Prima Tbk (Matahari Department Store) dominates the market. They operate an extensive network of retail stores throughout Indonesia, and because of the scale of their operations, they have great influence in determining the prices and supply of products available in the market.

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The fast food industry in Indonesia is also dominate by several big brands such as McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut. They compete to attract consumers with various menus and promotions. In all of these sectors, the influence of large firms in oligopoly Thailand Mobile Number List markets can influence prices and consumer choices. Therefore, government supervision and market regulation are important to maintain healthy competition and protect consumer interests.

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Also read: Economic Action: Definition, Objectives, Types and Examples Conclusion By knowing more about monopoly and oligopoly markets, you Thailand WhatsApp Number List can look for opportunities to build a business that has wider space for your business to grow. Choose a market where no company has monopolize a product, it would be better if you create a new market for the product you are selling. Also do proper bookkeeping for your business. Good bookkeeping will make your business more planne with financial reports containing your company’s financial flows.

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