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Stability and In this section, we will explore examples of monopoly and oligopoly markets to provide a deeper understanding of how these market structures affect business and consumer dynamics in various industries. Example of a Monopoly Market Examples of monopoly markets can be found in certain industries in Indonesia. Some examples of monopoly companies in Indonesia that you must have use are examples such as train services from the KAI company , electricity services from PLN , or telephone services from Telkom.

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PLN (State Electricity Company), which has a monopoly in providing electricity in several regions in Indonesia. As the only electricity provider in the area, PLN has full control over electricity prices and supply, while consumers have no alternative Turkey Mobile Number List options. In addition, there is another example of monopoly in the domestic aviation sector, where Garuda Indonesia , as the national airline, has the position of being the only company permitte to operate direct flights between cities in Indonesia. Abroad, you may be familiar with Facebook.

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Google, or Instagram which monopolize social meia services, search engines, and other technology-relate things. Example of an Oligopoly Market In the telecommunications sector, several large companies such as Telkomsel, Indosat Ooreoo, and XL Axiata Turkey WhatsApp Number List dominate the cellular service market in Indonesia. They compete for customers with various competitive offers and data packages. The banking industry in Indonesia also reflects an oligopoly market, where several large banks such as Bank Mandiri, Bank Central Asia (BCA), and Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) control most of the market share.

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