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He wealthiest people in Canada. 47. Terence (Terry) Matthews YouTube video Net Worth: $1.6B Age: 80 Terence Matthews, also known as Terry Matthews, holds citizenship in both the Unit. Kingdom and Canada. He amass. his weal through successful ventures in the telecommunications sector, notably with Mitel and Newbridge Networks. In December 2018, he stepp. down from his position as Chairman at Mitel, a company he co-establish. with Michael Cowpland, following its acquisition for a substantial $2 billion. Matthews’ journey in the ind. 

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Management, one of the globe’s largest financial management firms. In 2002, Cockwell entrust. the leadership to fellow billionaire Bruce Flatt, transitioning the  new data reins of the organization. His affluence primarily stems from a significant ownership in Brookfield shares, much of which is held in partnership with other esteem. board members and management. Aside from his financial ventures, Cockwell is actively engag. in the academic and cultural spheres. He holds a position on the board of governors at Ryerson University and serves as a governor for the Royal Ontario Museum. He is one of. 

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Ustry began in 1986 when he found. . Later, he orchestrat. its sale to Alcatel in the year 2000, a transaction that amount. to an impressive $7.1 billion. Matthews Marketing List  takes pride in his involvement with over 100 companies, many of which he either initiat. or generously fund. through his investment firm, Wesley Clover, bas. in Ottawa. While residing in Canada, he has diversifi. his investments and real estate holdings, including a notable U.K.  the prestigious Celtic Manor Resort, an establishment that notably host. the 2010 Ryder Cup and the 2014 NATO Summit. He rightfully earn. his place among the richest men in Canada. 

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