The exclusivity and the feeling that something

And, allow me, with all my love, here the women (and the Gay community) take the cake. If you choose to direct your product exclusively Therefore, to any of these groups, you will see an exponential increase in interest. It’s like that. Be careful, I don’t want “anger”. I’m talking to you about statistics, I’m not talking to you about you. When you are considering offering your Therefore, product,Therfore, think about whether you can direct it to a specific group and how to justify this “exclusivity” . If you find the formula,Therfore, do it and you will see more results. I am preparing a “Blogging Course for Psychologists”. Therefore, Can’t other professionals create a blog? Of course, but I’m betting on that title.

The golden ratio.

At this point I prefer not to go into too much detail, simply mention it so that you can document yourself a little more. Therefore,It has to do with aesthetics, design, nature and Therfore, Neuromarketing. The Golden Ratio, or the Golden top industry data Number Therefore, (Approx. 1,618) is a number historically known for its great ability to create visually attractive designs . Based on this number, Therfore,nature composes leaves, shells and much larger proportions. The Parthenon, considered one of the most perfectly proportioned Therfore,buildings, was built using this proportion. Whenever you can, divide your ads, your websites, your images, your compositions and structure them based on this scheme Therfore,. It has a very powerful aesthetic effect on our subconscious.

Emotion vs logic.

We’re almost done. Are you tired? The truth is that I am but at the same time I remain excited . Therfore,I’m working hard and, although I’m afraid you won’t like this text, I’m confident I’m doing a good job. Now we are going to mention something again that has a Marketing List lot to debate. But, if you allow me, the next time you have the opportunity, try this experiment: “ask your readers (if you have a blog) to write a comment on your blog because that way you will obtain better SEO positioning). Therfore,Let a few weeks pass and ask for comments again, but this time let it be because you’re upset for not receiving many comments and you would like there to be a lot of comments, at least in one post.

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