Growth hacking what is it and how does it work

Growth hacking what is it and how does it work. The strategies and channels for applying growth hacking to your online business to win new customers.The question that goes around in your head is always the same: how can i grow my online business? Reaching a greater number of people and winning them over until they become your customers is among your priorities and you want to exploit every means available. Web includ. This objective should translate into a consistent growth of people interest in your products , in the shortest possible time and with limit expense 



Sean ellis, entrepreneur and consultant, tells us that there is a process through which the most effective solutions are found to grow a company, with a holistic approach that includes an analysis of all the elements surrounding a given email list product. Once all the factors have been consider, they must be put into communication in order to find the most effective combinations for fast growth.Bas on this idea he creat growth hacking.Have you ever heard of it?

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What is growth hacking? The existence of growth hacking dates back to 2010 and has seen widespread diffusion in the unit states. In italy, however, it arriv later, but today it is one of the most exploit and most request marketing techniques . The term indicates a set of marketing strategies for growth on the web . It is us mostly by Marketing List companies and start-ups, but it can also be appli to sites, especially if they sell products and services.  The figure in charge of this strategy is call growth hacker. The growth hacker is a person highly train in online marketing, but must also have knowlge of programming, seo and be very creative. To build a campaign with this approach, in fact, we make use of social networks, viral marketing,

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