Types of LinkedIn ADS Ad Formats with Examples 2022

Do you want Types of to run campaigns on LinkedIn ads and you don’t know the types of ads that exist? In this post you will see the. Therefore, types and formats of LinkedIn ads that exist in 2022. Advertising on social networks is a great resource that companies use to attract the attention of a qualified audience so that the impact of the advertisements has the greatest impact and success possible. LinkedIn is no exception, that is why there. Therefore, are different types of ads and numerous. Therefore, formats on LinkedIn so that you can choose the best advertising campaign depending on the objective you want to achieve. 

Sponsored Content or sponsored content Types of

Reach your target audience and measure top industry data the performance of your campaign that is displayed in that place on. Therefore, the social network where everyone spends the majority of their time, which is in the feed. This type of ad is available in different formats; you will see more technical details of each of them later: Ads with an image. Video ads. Carousel ads. Event announcements. Sponsored Content or sponsored. Therefore, content on linkedin What can you use Sponsored Content for? Some ideas that I can give you to open your imagination are to be able to disseminate important information about your. Therefore, company, teach the advantages of your products or services or promote an event of interest to your ideal audience. 

Lead generation forms

Sponsored Messaging Thanks to Marketing List its level of segmentation, you can send private messages. Therefore, on LinkedIn in a personalized way to start creating the first contact. It also serves to be able to send invitations to events privately or to gain leads by attracting qualified traffic to your website. You have two formats available to run this LinkedIn ads campaign : Message ads. Announcements in conversation. NOTE: Remember that later you. Therefore, will have more detailed technical information about the different LinkedIn ad formats.

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