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Here’s what we recommend: pick just one primary keyword and enough secondary keywords to cover a given topic in full. In the rest of the article, I’ll explain why and how. Primary vs. secondary keywords Going forward, we’ll differentiate between two kinds of keywords. The primary keyword, also called the target keyword, is the main topic of a page. It’s also the single keyword to optimize a page for. Secondary keywords are any keywords closely How Many related to the primary keyword that you’re targeting with your page. Synonyms, subtopics, and long-tail keyword variations can be considered secondary keywords.

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Secondary keywords for SEO is as relevant subtopics—this is what I’ll focus on in this article. So to sum up the difference, if the primary keyword is the topic of the book, you executive data can use secondary keywords as subtopics. Sounds quite obvious, but a satisfactory explanation of this idea can become complicated quite quickly. It’s probably best if we look at this from a user experience perspective. Since people look for specific things online, it won’t be the best idea to make them look for those things on pages about multiple things or even worse—everything.

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Targeting multiple topics will not be that useful. And since Google exists to help people find specific things, it will likely show a page with a specific focus, i.e., the most Marketing List relevant one, rather than a page that tries to rank for multiple different topics simultaneously. Google will correct you like a grammar teacher because you likely had something else in mind when typing that search term. But what about close variations and synonyms? Same thing. Google will rank your page for keywords with the same meaning and intent without you having to target every single variation intentionally. It knows that people search for the same thing in different ways. To illustrate, let’s compare “submit website to search engines” and “website submission to search engines.” The SERP comparison in Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer tells us these two keywords have almost the same results.

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