How to Fit SEO Into Your Marketing Strategy

As digital marketing specialists, it’s easy to “have the blinkers on” and focus solely on the channel or channels nearest to your heart. In my case, this is SEO. Having worked with several businesses and top brands over the past few years, I’ve learned that some specialists and marketing generalists are: Cannibalizing efforts between channels. Undervaluing organic search as a channel. Failing to align SEO with other disciplines effectively. In this guide, I’ll explain why you should include SEO in your marketing strategy. I’ll also explain how you can align How to Fit SEO with other disciplines—from PPC to brand building.

How SEO helps

You achieve strategic marketing objectives Getting the “buy-in” for SEO investment can be tricky. In some businesses, this can lead to SEO being underutilized through a lack company data of investment and implementation. Here are four reasons why SEO should receive the focus it deserves. You don’t have to pay per click SEO is seen by many as an “always on” channel. It can take substantial investment to get going and some patience to see a return. However, once you build up your rankings, you’ll receive traffic essentially for “free” (no additional cost per click). With SEO, a drop in spending won’t lead to losing all your traffic overnight.

How to Fit is relatively

Sustainable In SEO, you have to be in it for the long game. Unless you hold the brand authority of Wikipedia or Amazon, it’s hard to gain quality traffic overnight. Once you Marketing List build up your rankings through a solid SEO strategy, the rewards are often here to stay without the need for continuous spending and reinvestment. This makes SEO more like a waterfall than a tap. Building a sustainable stream of high-quality organic traffic to your website could be the difference between your business surviving or not surviving economic uncertainties. In challenging financial periods such as recessions, marketing budgets often get slashed, leaving channels like PPC stranded.

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